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Yolo-ist #1. Driving.Shity.Hole

You find everywhere yolo these days. Try copy at least one of these 3 only if you are a real “yoloist”
1. Try the shit flavor chocolate cake(YOLO)
Saeed Hasmi and Jan Yadgari, owners of Italiano Pizzeria in Routh(Cardif), were fined for selling chocolate cake sprinkled with humam feces
2. Accept anything when you are live on TV
A man named Brad met the beautiful Joby on MySpace. They get togheter for the first time at Jerry Springer show and Joby has to confess someting. She is a man too. What was Brad’s reaction? “-YOLO!”
3. No one stands before YOLO
A man(Scott Campbell) and his friend(Java Bowling) got into an argument. A fight broke out between the 2 and the suspect Campbell shoot Bowling in the chest because the last one tried to take Campbell’s keys in order to prevent him from driving while drunk.
No one tells me what to do, YOLO!


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4 intense days worth 4 million $

A university student in the US city of San Diego has received $4.1m (£2.7m) from the US government after he was abandoned for more than four days in a prison cell, his lawyer said. Daniel Chong said he drank his urine to stay alive, tried to carve a message to his mother on his arm and hallucinated.
As Chief Executive Officer at ORACLE CORP, Lawrence J. Ellison made $96,160,696 in total compensation in 2012. On the same principle of San Diego’s student, Lawrence has won that money by lose himself in a room in front of his PC for like 20 days per year. At least he didn’t have to drink his urine and the hallucinated thing….i don’t know
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Solving the Rubik’s Cube in 7 seconds means nothing for a real rider

Feliks Zemdegs won the world title by solving the Rubik’s Cube in 7.36 seconds at a competition in Las Vegas.
That’s nothing, i know a guy who did someting smarter in 5 seconds:

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Obesity goes political

An obese chef from South Africa who weighs 130kg has been told he is too fat to live in New Zealand, even though he has lost 30kg since moving there six years ago. I don’t think 130kg is outrageous. Some people say that the obesity of the chef is due to a medical condition and the state don’t want to pay his medical care. I think the true is that the chef is a Labour party supporter and somehow National party found out. The leading party want to get rid of any opposition sustainer to win next elections with no headaches.
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Lady Gaga is a peacock

Scientists in the US have used eye-tracking cameras to work out exactly what peahens find alluring in a peacock’s tail fan. The male birds grow their trains of iridescent feathers during the mating, or lekking, season, fanning them out and rattling them to attract a mate. Side-to-side eye movements suggested that females were gauging the fan’s width and that they were most interested in the striking eyespots on the feathers.
Pff…Lady Gaga knew that for ages ago. Look how many fans does she has!
What kind of research is that? plagiarists…..

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Accident for sure

A 35-year-old unnamed man from northern Israel went to the bathroom. While on the toilet, he said he got the surprise of his life: A snake crept up from inside the bowl and bit his penis. Yeah sure…a snake bites your genitals in the bathroom. He saw the news some months ago when a man forced his wife to have sex with a snake and that tought was somehow implanted in his head…stop media!!:)

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bBlog – Why would you say that? Pills, Intelligence or Agressive Message?

Mr Calderoli, an Italian senator, said in a speech referring about a black woman – Cecile Kyenge – who is the minister for integration in Italy:

“I love animals – bears and wolves, as everyone knows,  but when I see the
pictures of Kyenge I cannot but think of, even if I’m not saying she is one, the
features of an orangutan”

Why would you say that? When Calderoli reached to a senator position, passed some tests to be where he is, insn’t he? Or – classic – he knew the “right people”?

PILLS: He was under any kind of influence?

INTELLINGECE: Exactly how stupid he is to say that and not think before about consequences ? (if there will be)

AGGRESSIVE MESSAGE: The Northern League wanted to send a sort of subliminal or very clear message to stop immigration to their country?

(So far just some formal apologize from Calderoli)

Any speech about racism shouldn’t go so highly covered by media. You don’t know what imbecile will read or watch the news and who knows what ideas may be implanted in some heads.  Even though 99.99% of racists came from family and education. You don’t have to be a scientist of a well known university to figure it out.