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Kill the f/&%#@$ birds to buy a house for a reasonable price?

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The gentle tweeting of birds from the back garden can be enough to lift anyone’s mood, but new research suggests it may also be a sign that your house will be worth more too. The more species there were, the higher the prices became, the researchers found.
The 2011 most expensive house from Britain was sold to an Indian businessman. The property have been sold for €40m after initally put on the market for €80m, but the price has been reduced on several occasions in order to attract interest.
If NAMA(seller) knew that “the gentle tweeting of birds……” increase the value of a house, then maybe the house would have been sold for the price asked first time. For even a higher value of a building you may consider if:
– in the neighborhood are living: psychologists, doctors, engineers, etc you may benefit from their professional services for free if you get the chance to make friends with them
– the neighborhood is enough populated and there aren’t highways you may have the chance that the government will buy your new house overpriced (if your property is in the way)
So I can do same sort of “reasearches” as those “experts” made. Who pays me?:)

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