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Yolo-ist #1. Driving.Shity.Hole

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You find everywhere yolo these days. Try copy at least one of these 3 only if you are a real “yoloist”
1. Try the shit flavor chocolate cake(YOLO)
Saeed Hasmi and Jan Yadgari, owners of Italiano Pizzeria in Routh(Cardif), were fined for selling chocolate cake sprinkled with humam feces
2. Accept anything when you are live on TV
A man named Brad met the beautiful Joby on MySpace. They get togheter for the first time at Jerry Springer show and Joby has to confess someting. She is a man too. What was Brad’s reaction? “-YOLO!”
3. No one stands before YOLO
A man(Scott Campbell) and his friend(Java Bowling) got into an argument. A fight broke out between the 2 and the suspect Campbell shoot Bowling in the chest because the last one tried to take Campbell’s keys in order to prevent him from driving while drunk.
No one tells me what to do, YOLO!


One thought on “Yolo-ist #1. Driving.Shity.Hole

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